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Talking to Hue cuisine, most people always think of the fussy way of the processing and the diversity in presentation. In Hue city, there are hundreds of dishes, temporarily divided into three categories: rustic, vegetarian and “Royal” cuisine. Tourists often enjoy Hue cuisine in the elegant restaurants, with fussy processed dishes, and don’t have opportunity to enjoy the Hue rustic food (Hue street food) which is close to local people. On the other hand, street food is not fussy, only made from simple ingredients but still very interesting and brings characteristic flavors of Hue. 
Our tour program mainly focus on the street food, with the aim not only to introduce to you a new look on Hue cuisine, but also to help you to understand the culture of Hue city, the daily life of Hue people. This tour is only available in the evenings. It is the ideal time when roadside stalls and street vendors start trading.

Tour type: Private tour
Transportation: by motorbike (each guest will be ridden by a lady biker)
Duration: 4 hours



Pick up timing: ~18h30

Our Hue street food tour is a night tour lasting 4 hours. Joining the tour, you will be showed around Hue city by night and stop at 5 food stalls which serve the best street food voted by locals in Hue. Not only enjoying the cuisines, you can also enjoy the nightlife in Hue and learn about Vietnam culture.

You will join by motorbike with lady riders. We will pick you up at your hotels by motorbike and you just need to get on the bike. We make sure that traveling by motorbike in Vietnam is interesting. You can feel the atmosphere easily and learn more things on the way.

We will introduce some of Hue’s well-known specialties, which are Vietnamese tea, Hue royal cakes, Hue Khot cake, Vietnamese BBQ, grilled fish, grilled squid, Hue beef noodle soup, and sweet soup. Enjoy the best local foods and learn about night night of Hue.

6:30PM  Picking up our amazing guests from hotel and talk about the program.
7:00PM  Start the tour with Hue local cakes such as Loc cake, Beo Cake, Nam Cake
8:00PM  Enjoying the Khot Cake with is an amazing local cake by rolling with rice paper
8:30PM  Continue with Vietnamese BBQ and try the local beer
9:00PM  Enjoy Hue noodle soup
9:30PM  Visit night market and try Hue sweet soup with 20 kinds of sweet soups.
10:30PM Finish the tour and drop off our amazing guests at the hotel.

Note: Above timeline is flexible



  • Drink and Food
  • I love Hue t-shirt        
  • Tour Guide


  • Personal Spending
  • Tips (not compulsory)
  • Other things are not mentioned in the tour.


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