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Ho Chi Minh Day ToursTicket À Ố Show

Destinations: Ho Chi Minh City

Activities Tour: Cultural

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  • An entertainment and Vietnamese cultural show
  • A series of beautiful pictures from village to urbanization of Southern Vietnam
  • A blend of Bamboo Cirque, Acrobatics and Contemporary Dance
  • Live music on stage performed by traditional musical instruments
  • Toured in France and Greece from 2015 to 2017
  • Toured in Australian, Brazil and Germany in 2017
  • Duration: 60-70 minutes
  • Venue: Saigon Opera House
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A O Show At Saigon Opera House Show less -

The name ‘A O’ derives from ‘Lang Pho’, which means ‘village and city’. The show depicts the charming beauty and cultural richness of Vietnamese life in the countryside, in contrast with the nation’s racing urbanization. The show is a unique mix of bamboo circus, acrobatic acts, dance, and theatrical visual art. The live music echoes Vietnamese Southern work songs. All in all, this beautiful blend of genres creates a unique stage language, which well captures the essence of Vietnam’s fascinating culture.
Our Venue: Saigon Opera House
One of Ho Chi Minh City's most prominent landmarks, the Saigon Opera House was custom built in 1897 by the French architect Eugene Ferret. In 1955 it was transformed into South Vietnam's Assembly House and has undergone several refurbishments since. It is only open to the public during events.


What's included?

  • Ticket of A O Show with aah![A] seat - off-centered view from the wings of the auditorium - a limit view from rear area

What's excluded?

  • Transfers
  • Other things are not mentioned clearly in the packages


Show is not daily performance, please contact us to check valid dates

Please contact us if you want to upgrade to higher-type seat

  • ooh![O] - centered view, located at ground level - popular choice (marked as green color)
  • wow![W] - overall & centered view from the first floor - best view (marked as purple color)

Children under 5 years old are not allowed into the show and children aged from 5 to 12 have to present a photo of your passport at check-in counter

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Departure Date: 03/12/2023